Customer invoicing

Save time by taking advantage of Dipps' customer invoicing.

A system that generates invoices automatically and an easy way to check who has paid and who has not.
Do you run a business that has many customers to send invoices to? Dipps can synchronize with the system you use and make sure to send invoices automatically to both your corporate and private customers.

Below you can read about an example of how Dipps can assist:

Hi, my name is Jakob and I have a company that spends a lot of time invoicing customers.

I have many customers and used to spend a lot of time invoicing. Since I started with Dipps, everything has become much easier. Dipps automatically generates my invoices for me and sends them to the customer. I can get a list of the customers who have not paid and contact them. It is very clear and I have saved a lot of time.

I look forward to Dipps launching card payment and collection services, so that I can have both invoicing, card payment and collection in the same system.

Do you have more questions about customer invoicing? Do not hesitate to contact!

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