Dipps provides an easier and faster way for your clients to pay you.

Maintaining proper accounts on your side is critical to your business as well.

You can use Dipps in 2 possible ways:

1. Dipps as your secondary invoicing system

You are allowed to use multiple invoicing systems as long as their invoice numbers do not overlap and are always sequential.
For example:
You can use Fiken or Tripletex or another system, with invoice numbers starting from 1
You can use Dipps with invoice numbers starting from 1000000
Then your invoices in your accounting system will be numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on
And on Dipps will be 1000001, 1000002, 1000003, and so on

You can then register your sales on your accounting system as a "Salg fra annet system".
On Fiken, read "Manuell registrering av nettbutikk-salg i Fiken" here https://hjelp.fiken.no/support/solutions/articles/13000022837-nettbutikker
Other platforms offer similar solutions to register sales from external systems as well.

2. Dipps as your primary invoicing system

If you have hired an accountant to help you manage your company, then you could use Dipps for all your customers.

Your accountant can download invoices from Dipps when they need to make reports, as they will likely use their own system to make the reports.

Dipps does not charge a monthly fee, and sending invoices by PDF/email is free.

Dipps charges a fee to send invoices by EHF, and is working on making that free as well by the end of 2021.

Speak to your accountant first if Dipps can be your primary invoicing system.
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