Dipps & Fiken

Much of our work is about simplifying your everyday life. We are constantly looking for solutions that can give you less work and in this process we have looked closely at how you can use Dipps together with Fiken.

If you keep your accounts in Fiken, it is not like you can't use Dipps, on the contrary! You can take advantage of our automatic invoicing and still keep everything in Fiken so that there is no wrinkle in your accounts.

What you need to do is:

Use Dipps as usual and let us generate automatic invoices on your behalf.
When the invoice is ready, you can easily download it by clicking on "View PDF" and then download it.
Once you have done this, log in to Fiken and create a free entry.

Remember to upload the invoice you have downloaded from Dipps

Here you can read more about how to create a free entry on Fiken!
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