Total invoicing

Pay both your freelancers and invoice your customers in one system.

Do you want as little administrative work as possible?
Let Dipps handle payment to your freelancers, as well as invoicing your customers.

Dipps can do it fully automate the process, without you lifting a finger.

Below you can read more about an example of how Dipps can assist you:

Hi, my name is Hannah and I run a business that uses freelancers and we have customers who want to pay via invoice.

My company has many different customers and we also have a wide range of goods.
This means that my invoices often have a differentiated content and we have to send the order to an accountant so that they can create and send out the invoice. With Dipps, we do not have to think about creating invoices as Dipps generates these automatically for us. Dipps is integrated with our systems and retrieves the invoice data there.

They also handle all our freelancers. Those who are freelancers with us are very happy with the fact that they themselves do not have to do administrative work.
This is because Dipps handles invoices for freelancers with companies, as well as the salary, A-melding, taxes and fees for our wage earners.
We have now streamlined our operations and made it possible to cut costs.

Want to hear more about Dipp's total invoicing? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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