Foodora payouts / salary

We are now doing payouts on set days. You will receive your salary every 10th and 25th in the month.

Foodora operates in periods. One period is two weeks.
The deadline for reporting driving expenses is 5 days before the payout. As shown in the example the dates is 5th and 20th
This is how it works:

Foodora payout example

Foodora delivery bag
When you first start working for Foodora you agree to “buy” the delivery-bag for 400kr. You can return the bag and get your money back.

Foodora deducts the money for the bag from your first payout, and so we also deduct
the money from your salary.

When you stop delivering for Foodora and return the bag, Foodora will refund 400kr to
us and we will then issue a new salary payout for 400kr to you.

What happens if I get dents in my car

Dipps has insured you as a human. If your car get`s dents, then you have to deal directly with your own car insurance company

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