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Hi, my name is Tom and I run a freelance business.

I have set a requirement that all my freelancers have a company, so that it will be easier for us to handle the workers. It has worked until now, but since I have an exponential growth in the company, I have realized that I have to open up for wage earners as well. There are many people who work for me who do not want to have their own company. Therefore, I had to find a solution.

The only company I found that can deliver a solution to handle both freelancers with companies and freelancers as wage earners is Dipps. In Dipps, neither I nor my freelancers need to do anything. The invoices for my freelancers with companies are generated automatically by Dipps, based on the invoice data Dipps retrieves directly from my system. Wage earners receive salary and taxes, fees, plus reporting is handled by Dipps. Now all my workers are happy and none of them need to handle any administrative work.

Dipps takes care of everything.

In Dipps, you can pay freelancers who either have their own company, or who want to be wage earners in the same system.

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