Dipps for Salita

Below you'll find the process if you have selected Dipps as your payout partner in your settings (on your Salita account)

How to choose Dipps?

What does it mean to use Dipps?

Up to the invoicing point, there is no change. You continue to perform and report assignments in Salita.

From the moment you have selected Dipps in your settings, please do not invoice Salita from your own system.

Dipps will automatically:
Retrieve all your assignments from Salita
Create invoice at the end of each month.
Attach your account number so that you get the money directly into the account. Your will be able to view your Invoices on dipps.no

If you send an invoice from your own system by mistake, it is important that you credit this and inform the finance department about this as soon as possible. Please inform them by sending an email to regnskap@salita.no

IMPORTANT if you use Dipps for Salita:
There is no need to send invoices, Dipps is generating them automatically for you
Dipps and Salita is connected and are communicating directly
If you have questions, contact regnskap@salita.no
There is no need to send reminders either

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