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Automatic invoice generation ensures error-free invoices.

Do you run a business that uses subcontractors? Are you tired of getting deficiencies and errors in the invoices that you receive from your contractors?

Dipps can generate invoices for your subcontractor, based on your invoice data

Below you can view an example of how Dipps can assist!

Hi, my name is Anette and I run a company that uses subcontractors.

My company tailors experiences for companies. We create a package deal for customers that includes everything from accommodation, food, transport and entertainment. We hire several different subcontractors to be able to deliver the full experience.
Many of the subcontractors we use are small companies that spend most of their time doing the actual work, such as guiding trips in the mountains. There are often a lot of errors and omissions in the invoices and in some cases they forget to send the invoice at all. Fortunately, I now use Dipps and can be sure that all invoices I receive are completely correct. Dipps generates the invoices for my subcontractors, based on my invoice data. We have saved both time and money by using Dipps and the best of all is that the whole process is fully automatic.

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