In Norway, there is a general VAT on goods and services sold domestically, unless they are specifically exempted._

What is the VAT rate?
The VAT on ordinary sales is 25%.
For some industries the rate is lower, e.g. there is 15% VAT on the sale of food, and 10% VAT on passenger transport and rental of rooms. Some industries are exempt from VAT.

Advance Register
The obligation to register in the Value Added Tax Register is laid down in the Value Added Tax Act §2-1. You are not allowed to collect VAT until you are registered in the VAT register.

When do you have to invoice with VAT?
The first 50,000 kroner you sell for during a twelve-month period is exempt from VAT. When the turnover exceeds NOK 50,000, - you must register in the VAT register, and start invoicing with VAT.
You must calculate VAT from and including the invoice that makes the turnover exceed 50,000. If you think you will pass NOK 50,000 in the course of 12 months, you can register in the VAT register immediately.

If you are not VAT registered
If you are not registered in the VAT register, you are not able to collect VAT. To avoid adding VAT to your invoices, select 0% in the VAT column when creating invoices.

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