What does it mean to be a wage earner at Dipps?

Invoice without a company
In Dipps, you have the opportunity to create invoices without having a company, as a private person.

Tax, fees and reporting is done automatically
Dipps does all the administrative work for you completely automatically. We report to the authorities.

Am I entitled to sickness benefits from NAV when I work as a wage earner?
As a freelancer, you are entitled to sickness benefits from and including the 17th day of illness. Freelancers can also take out supplementary insurance with an insurance company that can cover the first 16 days.

You can read more about the requirements you have as a freelancer on NAV's website.

Am I entitled to unemployment benefits if I become unemployed as a wage earner?
As a freelancer, you must have a reduction in earned income and a reduction in working hours of at least 50%, in order to receive unemployment benefits.

Am I building up a pension as a wage earner?
As a freelancer, you fall outside the law on compulsory occupational pensions. On the other hand, you can take out your own pension scheme via banks / insurance companies. The deposit can be entered as a deduction on the tax return.

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