If you become ill, you may be entitled to sickness benefits from NAV.

As a freelancer with Dipps, you will be entitled to sickness benefit after 16 days, in contrast to self-employed people who are entitled to 66% without additional insurance from NAV.

The conditions for being able to claim sickness benefits are as follows.

It is a condition for entitlement to sickness benefits that the sickness benefit basis amounts to at least 50% of the National Insurance basic amount (from 1 May 2017 NOK 46,817), cf. the National Insurance Act § 8-3. The sickness benefit basis can not exceed 6 times the National Insurance basic amount (from 1 May 2017 NOK 561,804).

The sickness benefit basis for freelancers is determined according to the pensionable annual income in the same way as for the self-employed, cf. the National Insurance Act § 8-35. The main rule is that the sickness benefit basis shall correspond to the pensionable annual income which is calculated on the basis of the average of the pension point figures determined for the last three years. If the person's work situation or business has changed permanently, and this change means that the pensionable annual income deviates more than 25 per cent from the income calculated according to the main rule, the sickness benefit basis is determined at discretion based on the pensionable income that can be reimbursed at the time of sick leave.

Freelancers who have taken out supplementary insurance that entitles them to sickness benefits from the first day of illness, will receive a new right to sickness benefits for 260 days from NAV if it has been 26 weeks since he / she last received sickness benefits from NAV.

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