In the event of unemployment, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits from NAV.

The conditions for unemployment benefits are as follows.

Normal working hours must be reduced by at least 50 percent. Normal working hours are the working hours the person in question had before unemployment or before working hours were reduced, cf. the National Insurance Act § 4-3.

To be entitled to unemployment benefits, you must have been paid a gross earned income of at least 1.5 times the National Insurance basic amount (G) in the last completed calendar year or at least 3 times the basic amount (G) during the last three completed calendar years, cf. National Insurance Act § 4-4.

Income from work only includes wages for work performed as an employee or freelancer and which has been reported to the tax authorities as wages under the general wage codes in the wage and deduction statement. Parental benefit, maternity benefit and pregnancy-related sickness benefit are included in the minimum income requirement.

The right to unemployment benefits requires that one must be a real jobseeker, cf. the National Insurance Act § 4-5.

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