What is the difference between invoicing through your own company and being a wage earner?

When you are a wage earner, you only need to deal with Dipps. Being a wage earner is very easy and not very stressful. This is because Dipps handles taxes, fees and reporting for you. You do a job and get money straight into your account without having to worry about administrative work.

Being a freelancer is a separate lifestyle. Therefore, we recommend that you start with being a wage earner at the beginning of your career. Many people think that this is the best solution because you do not have to think about any administrative work at all and you can focus entirely on the job you are doing.

If you decide or have already decided that you want to continue working as a freelancer, it may make sense to have a company (ENK / AS). The reason why you are left with more money is because you do not pay employer's contribution and you have to do most of the administrative work yourself. Fortunately, we help you create invoices and if you work for one of our partner companies, we automatically create the invoices for you.

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